Population Council staff members act in accordance with the highest legal, ethical, and moral standards.

Our Conflicts of Interest policy statement is not intended to call into question the loyalty, fidelity of service, and respect for the Council that its staff members demonstrate. Rather, it is designed to reinforce a standard of conduct that avoids both actual conflict of interest and the appearance of conflict of interest; reflects credit in the eyes of the public on the Council and its staff members; and protects the reputation, financial well-being, and legal obligations of the Council. This policy statement does not intend to interfere with the personal interests or activities of staff members; it is meant to protect Council staff members from being placed in compromising positions by providing guidelines as to what constitutes a conflict of interest and by stating the available remedies and recourse.

The Council publishes these guidelines mindful of the fact that the good judgment of each staff member is essential and that no list of rules or guidelines can provide direction for every circumstance that may arise. This policy applies to all staff members, namely exempt, nonexempt, full-time, and part-time employees of the Council; persons seconded to the Council; fellows; and consulting associates and scientists. This policy also applies to contractors in some cases. This policy is distributed to staff members every other year. Each staff member is required to return an acknowledgement confirming receipt, review, and agreement to comply with the terms of this policy.

Conflicts of Interest Policy