Despite the increased use of modern contraception globally over the past 50 years, approximately 48% of all pregnancies are unintended and more than 218 million women in low- and middle-income countries still have unmet need for modern contraception.  HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are global health crises, with over 1 million people contracting a new STI every day and 1.5 million people newly infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) every year. Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) is an incurable sexually transmitted infection that affects over 491 million people worldwide, 64% of whom are women. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common viral infection of the reproductive tract, with most sexually active people infected at some point in their lives. New, innovative HIV and STI prevention methods and expanded contraceptive options are urgently needed to help meet these pressing and overlapping health needs.    

Scientists at the Population Council Center for Biomedical Research are committed to identifying new drugs and delivery systems, conducting preclinical studies and late-stage clinical trials, and working with regulatory authorities to bring new technologies to the market. With a proven track record and seven FDA-approved products, our vision is to continue to innovate and improve reproductive health by creating new contraceptive and multi-purpose prevention technologies that expand user control, enhance safety and choice, and provide secondary benefits. 

We develop our products in conjunction with the Population Council’s social and behavioral scientists all over the world. Colleagues help to ensure that the end-user perspective is incorporated into our product design throughout the development process. Our products are rigorously tested and evaluated and submitted to stringent regulatory authorities for review and approval.  

Contraceptive Products in Development 

NES Estradiol intravaginal ring Ideas. Evidence. Impact.

Nestorone®/Estradiol Vaginal Ring

This ring is designed to have fewer side effects compared to ethinyl estradiol products currently on the market

Nestorone-Only-VaginalRing Ideas. Evidence. Impact.

Nestorone®-only Vaginal Ring

This ring will serve as an option for those with estrogen sensitivities, those who are at higher risk of VTE, and postpartum breastfeeding mothers.

NES T gel over a hand Ideas. Evidence. Impact.

Male Contraception

Nestorone®/Testosterone gel that will be a novel reversible contraceptive that would be the first-of-its-kind contraceptive option for men.

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies in Development 

pill bottle bearing the label "dual prevention pill: combined oral contraceptive + PrEP" Ideas. Evidence. Impact.

Dual Prevention Pill

Dual Prevention Pill for the prevention of HIV and unintended pregnancy

non-hormonal ring Ideas. Evidence. Impact.

Non-hormonal Vaginal Ring

A user-controlled, multipurpose prevention, non-hormonal intravaginal ring that will provide contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections

image of a fast dissolving insert on a gloved hand Ideas. Evidence. Impact.

Fast-dissolving insert (FDI)

A self-administered, nonhormonal contraceptive fast-dissolving insert (FDI) for on-demand prevention of pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections.

Additional Products in Development

  • Nestorone for Multiple Sclerosis. A Nestorone® formulation to treat multiple sclerosis (MS), reduce symptoms, and delay disease progression.
  • Intranasal Product for COVID. A self-administered, topically active intranasal product containing QGriffithsin and carrageenan that would be used to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 and potentially other emerging coronaviruses.