In collaboration with governments, service providers, civil society organizations, and other partners, we conduct pioneering research and develop innovative products and tools across our social science, public health, and biomedical portfolios. We convene experts, provide scientific and policy advice, produce accessible evidence, publish peer-reviewed journals, and cultivate future leaders to amplify our impact.

  • Thought leadership: Drawing on the expertise, insights, and experiences of Population Council colleagues around the world, we provide evidence-informed guidance, inspire innovation, and influence decisionmakers though our own research and science, by curating research in our wider field including through our scholarly journals and by convening others.  
  • Research: We conduct rigorous social science, public health and biomedical research to systematically build bodies of evidence that ask and answer key questions to fill major data and knowledge gaps. 
  • Product development: We investigate new approaches to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and develop next-generation contraceptives and novel multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs), designed to prevent HIV, other STIs and/or unintended pregnancy. 
  • Research impact: We influence decision makers to use research and evidence to inform smart policies and sound investments. 
  • Sustainability: We nurture and facilitate opportunities for staff, students, and professionals around the world to identify, investigate, and fill evidence gaps in their own countries and beyond, with a focus on inclusive and locally driven research solutions. 

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