The Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center is a global research hub that envisions a gender-equitable world where girls and boys make a healthy and safe transition into adulthood and reach their full potential.

We are thought leaders, generating innovative research, tools, and engagement.

We are catalysts, ensuring that policy makers, practitioners, advocates, researchers and donors make transformative change guided by data and evidence.

What We Do

Three circles with icons that represent: generate evidence, communicate and convene' and nurture talent

  • Bring the needed combination of specialist knowledge and technical expertise 
  • Bridge the fragmented eco-system by combining and investing in researchprogramming, and policy in one place
  • Draw on the Population Council’s multi-decade history of going deep and broad on adolescent girls
  • Collaborate with adolescent-focused researchers across many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and mentor the next generation of researchers

Learn more through the GIRL Center Roadmap to 2030, the Center’s strategy to guide its work through 2030 in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Driving Evidence-Based Action

The Adolescent Data Hub is a unique global portal to share and access public data on adolescents living in LMICs.

The Adolescent Atlas for Action (A3) is a suite of tools that summarizes the lives and needs of adolescents around the world to promote evidence-based decision-making. Through a series of data dashboards and data-driven thought pieces, we showcase a multidimensional perspective on adolescent vulnerabilities.

The Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER) brings together organizations and researchers to address gender inequalities and injustices in and through education. By providing easily accessible data and evidence, we support the gender and education community as a knowledge partner and inform programs and policies that shape the global agenda.

The Adolescent Girls Community of Practice (AGCoP) supports partners in bringing effective programs for adolescent girls to scale and promotes space, access, and agency for adolescent girls and young women to build sustainable communities.