Many young people still lack access to comprehensive sexuality education, experience bias when trying to obtain contraception, and are more likely to experience contraceptive failure. At the Population Council, we are working on a variety of projects that help fulfill our commitment to ensure that people of all ages have choice, convenience, and control over their reproductive lives. Our Center for Biomedical Research continues to advance innovative methods of contraception. Our GIRL Center generates evidence on how a multi-dimensional approach to adolescent well-being, including access to contraception, enables adolescents to make a safe and healthy transition into adulthood.  Our researchers across the globe are investigating ways to expand contraceptive choice by involving private-sector providers in Pakistan; by offering family planning information and services to male and female garment factory workers in Egypt; and by delivering reproductive empowerment counseling for women in Kenya.

On World Contraception Day, we highlighted the voices of our researchers, as they explained how they are pioneering new contraceptive options and increasing access to comprehensive reproductive health care around the world. In addition, Council experts Lisa Haddad and Sanyukta Mathur underscored the importance of choice in their commentary; “Are we investing in sexual and reproductive health products that people want to use?” This is our most read blog this year.

Hear from some of our researchers :