Angel del Valle

Guatemala Country Representative

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Angel del Valle is the country representative of the Population Council’s Guatemala office and senior research officer. He joined the Council in 2010 as the monitoring and evaluation specialist for the Abriendo Oportunidades program, focused on improving the lives of indigenous girls in Guatemala. Del Valle specializes in anthropological approaches to social research and has led experimental and qualitative evaluations of programs designed to empower girls in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, and Mexico.

From 2012–2018, del Valle coordinated efforts with the local government and multilateral agencies to evaluate, refine, and expand programs that focused on the prevention of gender-based violence against indigenous girls in Guatemala. In the same period, he also provided technical assistance on girl-centered and youth programs implanted by United Nations agencies, international NGOs, and community-based organizations.

Del Valle holds a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and a Master of Arts in social sciences from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, where he teaches courses on qualitative and participatory methods in social research.

Work by Angel del Valle