Henock Markos

Senior Program Manager

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Henock Markos serves as the lead manager of Population Council (PC) Ethiopia program interventions, including those related to girls’ education, child domestic workers, girls’ migration and trafficking, and brokers, as well as other projects in development. His position cuts across all the programs and research currently implemented by PC-Ethiopia. He primarily leads the implementation of Council programs and supports the country director and other researchers in implementation of research activities. Markos oversees the design and delivery of innovative programs and research data-collection activities with the utmost quality and timeliness. This involves monitoring, supporting, and supervising program officers, administrative assistants, and partner organizations in the delivery of project activities for the timely and effective implementation of a range of projects/interventions of PC-Ethiopia.

Markos has a certification on Qualitative Research Methods for Impact of Education from Driestar University in the Netherlands and an advanced certificate in PMEL (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) in Theory of Change from the Red een Kind and Woord en Daad Institutions in the Netherlands. He has a Master of arts degree in educational policy and planning from Addis Ababa University. He also attended the International Class on Education at the Driestar Teachers University in the Netherlands and received a certificate fulfilling five ECTS (EU standard) criteria.