Noha El Khorazaty

Senior Research and Evaluation Officer

Cairo, Egypt

Noha El Khorazaty specializes in quantitative and qualitative research. In terms of implementation research at the Council, El Khorazaty has taken on lead roles in constructing assessment and evaluation tools; analyzing data using statistical techniques; implementing and maintaining databases; gathering data from primary and secondary sources; and identifying, interpreting, and presenting trends from the data.

Prior to joining the Council, she took on lead roles in the implementation of several social research projects in Egypt. She specializes in quantitative and qualitative research in terms of research study conceptualization and setting a framework, data-collection tools and procedures, statistical and thematic analysis, and data reporting and presenting.

El Khorazaty holds a Master’s in sustainable development with a concentration on sustainable communities and cities from the American University in Cairo and a Bachelor’s in statistics from the University of Cairo, Faculty of Economic and Political Science.