Rakhee Sachdeva

Senior Research Investigator

Center for Biomedical Research, New York, United States

Rakhee Sachdeva is developing cutting-edge mammalian cell culture processes for screening experimental compounds to support drug discovery projects and designing and optimizing cell-based assays from hit to lead phase while presenting the assay development plan, assay status, and key deliverables to the team. Additionally, she leads molecular and cellular research projects to support the clinical study team in evaluation by providing scientific knowledge and explaining the scientific background and justification related to molecular immunology as well as leading biomarker approaches for contraception use by providing expertise in designing and developing molecular research investigational plans. She presents data in scientific advisory board meetings and leads preclinical investigation of progestins to prevent preterm birth.

Sachdeva previously conducted research on the phenomenon of HIV restriction via a novel antiviral mechanism in human PBMCs. This included leading the screening of antiviral activity of novel proteins from four multidisciplinary research groups internationally, which resulted in a first-author publication and accelerated funding worth $2M.Additionally, Sachdeva has experience working on cell signaling pathways specifically studying Uroplakin trafficking in urinary bladder umbrella cells. This included leading the development of a mouse bladder stretch assay for the characterization of bladder urothelium, investigating the characterization of morphological and physiological properties of Urothelium of VAMP8 knockout mice.