Scott Geibel

Senior Associate and Director, International Programs

Washington DC, United States

Scott Geibel is a senior associate based in the Population Council’s Washington, DC office. For over 20 years, he has supported, designed, implemented, and documented HIV implementation science and surveillance activities in low-resource settings worldwide. He was based in the Council’s Kenya and Zambia offices for over a decade, where his work contributed to increasing knowledge and awareness of the HIV epidemic among key and vulnerable populations in Africa, including men who have sex with men, male and female sex workers, and people who inject drugs. His other areas of research include assessing stigma reduction interventions in healthcare settings and measuring the impact of community-focused interventions on antiretroviral program retention and viral suppression.

Currently, Geibel is the director of Country Strategy at the Population Council, and supports the Council’s international offices and vice president of International Programs in setting strategic research and organizational health priorities, program development, risk management, fundraising, documentation of research impact, and development of staff skills and leadership.

Geibel holds a doctoral degree in medical science from Ghent University in Belgium, an MPH in international health and development from Tulane University, and a BA in communication arts and political science from Pacific Lutheran University.