Environmental disasters and ‘dark’ tourism: The modern-day ghost towns created by the climate crisis

Climate change and ensuing environmental disasters—marked by an increasing frequency and intensity of destructive floods, droughts, storms, wildfires and extreme temperatures—are now fueling what experts say are just the first waves of places abandoned due to climate displacement. Council scientific director Jack DeWaard is interviewed in this CNN article.

Abused and Deceived: The Distressing Reality of Domestic Workers in Ethiopia

A 2022 Population Council study on the alarming conditions faced by child domestic workers in Ethiopia is featured in this piece from the Addis Standard.

Demography Is Destiny in Africa

Council Distinguished Scholar John Bongaarts is interviewed in this Foreign Policy analysis.

Row over British Journal of Psychiatry abortion paper saw panel quit

Senior Scientist, Chelsea Polis speaks with BBC Newsnight and the BMJ on the editorial independence of the British Journal of Psychiatry.

How the Birth Control Pill Got Over the Counter

CBR Medical Director Lisa Haddad's testimony at the FDA Advisory Committee hearings in May is included in this podcast about over-the-counter access to the Opill.

Census data in West Africa is badly out of date: 5 reasons fresh population statistics are crucial

Council researcher Jessie Pinchoff discusses how census data can be useful for making effective policy plans and tracking progress to reach goals. The article provides five concrete ways up-to-date censuses can be useful in the context of West Africa.

Why can’t women access ‘game-changing’ HIV prevention?

This podcast from the BBC addresses why African governments have been slow to introduce the dapivirine ring.

A Vaccine for Birth Control?

Council Distinguished Scientist Régine Sitruk-Ware is quoted in this article about efforts to develop a contraceptive vaccine.