In 2022, the International Programs Division in collaboration with the GIRL Center launched The International Fellowship Program to cultivate the next generation of social and behavioral science research talent and leadership within the Council’s offices and affiliated organizations in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). As the Council embarks on a path of implementing its new strategic plan and deepening locally rooted and globally connected operations, this initiative aims to foster locally led research and activities by cultivating new talent in our international offices. By nurturing both early and mid-career professionals from different backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives, we aim to foster a rich and inclusive environment that can address the multifaceted intersectoral challenges faced by LMICs.

We expect to host over 30 Fellows between 2022 and 2026. The Fellowship Program will enhance the effectiveness and impact of locally led research within and across countries by developing the capacity and diversity of research professionals and specialists through tailored opportunities. Fellows work in selected country offices, affiliate offices, and/or through extended field placements where they learn and/or contribute to research, programmatic, and/or policy-related efforts while expanding their individual leadership, technical, and professional skills needed to make meaningful contributions to our mission impact.

Each Fellow is paired with a senior mentor within the Council who supports their development of critical skill sets including topical expertise in the Council’s research agenda priority areas; research methodology and implementation; leadership and management; resource mobilization; research utilization and impact; and strategic and scientific communications. Fellows also have opportunities to engage with technical staff and teams across the Council through cross-office learning and collaboration activities. A sub-set of fellows with a particular focus on adolescence will be paired with GIRL Center researchers to ensure the Council’s continued scholarship in this field.

Prospective candidates: The Fellowship Program seeks diverse and versatile professionals capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs and complexities of the contexts within which we operate. We welcome candidates from the Global South with postgraduate (Masters’ and Doctoral level) degrees and experience in disciplines relevant to the Council’s work. Full-time fellows are recruited for a period of 24 to 36 months, based on the needs and availabilities of fellows, programs and mentors.

Remuneration: Depending on the location of the fellowship, fellows receive a competitive salary or stipend, and selected benefits.

Fellowship Opportunities will be posted on the Council’s website as they become available.


Maimouna Bah

Maïmouna Bah

Research and Management Fellow

Zoe Nakuya

Zoe Nakuya

Research and Policy Fellow

Zewdneh Sabe

Zewdneh Sabe

International Research Fellow


María Isabel Mayorga

Research Fellow