International SBCC Summit 2022

December 5–9, 2022

Marrakech, Morocco

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The world faces unprecedented challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crisis, humanitarian disasters, gender inequity and racial and social injustice.

Solutions to these problems cross disciplines and require creativity, technical expertise and innovation to achieve significant and sustainable change. That’s why social and behavior change communication has never been more important.

Behavioral interventions like physical distancing, mask-wearing and vaccine uptake around COVID-19 has brought increased public and policy attention to not only the role of social and behavior change in saving lives and improving livelihoods, but also to what works in introducing new attitudes and practices in response to urgent crises.

Throughout the 2022 Summit—held in Marrakesh, Morocco from December 5 to 9—we will reflect on how what we have learned through the COVID-19 pandemic can inform and inspire us as we use SBCC to tackle other global challenges, most importantly those of disparity – be they disparities of wealth, health, access, gender or education.

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