Commission on Population and Development, Fifty-Sixth Session

April 10–14, 2023

United Nations, New York, NY, United States

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Council activities during CPD 2023:


Comprehensive Sexuality Education for All: Evidence and Learnings from Around the Globe

April 10 | 1:15–2:45 pm (EDT) | UNHQ Conference Room 5


Event recording:


Sajeda Amin will participate in this panel discussion hosted by the Government of Norway, the Government of South Africa, Plan International, International Planned Parenthood Federation, SRHR Africa Trust, and UNFPA.



Why Education Matters for the CPD: It’s Not Just About Fertility


April 13 | 2:00–3:00 pm (EDT) | Webinar


Join EGER, Population Council, and UNGEI for an examination and discussion of the links between education and health, violence, and gender equality. We’ll explore how education impacts HIV risk, fertility, and child mortality; the contexts in which education is helping reduce sexual violence; and the potential for education to shift harmful gender norms.


Panelists: Fatima Zahra, Tia Palermo, and Antara Ganguli

Moderator: Nicole Haberland



Demographic Trends and Population Health: Tackling Inequality in a World of Eight Billion People

New commentary by Thoai Ngo in BMJ Global Health to coincide with the CPD 56.

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