Contraceptive Technology Virtual Conference 2024

April 25, 2024

8:00 am-4:00 pm


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Join the authors of Contraceptive Technology at a one-day virtual conference as they share a deep dive into the cutting-edge data and best practices presented in the new 22nd edition of the book! The authors will clarify complex topics, discuss controversial and rapidly changing concepts, and answer your questions. They will bring you up-to-date on bleeding, contraceptive effectiveness, reproductive tract infections, new tools for effective counseling, new tools for fertility awareness based methods, and more! As an attendee, you will have ample time for interaction with the experts.


25 April │ 12:45–1:30 pm

Fertility Awareness Based Methods

Rachel Urrutia, Chelsea Polis


The Council’s Chelsea Polis will be co-leading a session on the fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) for contraception. The objectives of the session are:

  1. Describe the nomenclature around and types of FABMs for pregnancy prevention, including app-based methods.
  2. Distinguish various biomarkers used in the practice of FABMs.
  3. Review the range of effectiveness estimates for various FABMs according to the best currently available prospective studies; assess the limitations of that evidence.
  4. Apply counseling skills for individuals interested in FABMs, including understanding which types of FABM may be most appropriate for various types of clients.
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