Reproductive Health Innovation Summit 2024 (RHIS 2024)

February 13–14, 2024

Boston, MA, USA

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RHIS provides a platform that enables the industry to collectively improve reproductive health outcomes across both male and female sectors. Council colleagues Lisa Haddad and Anita Garg will be representing the Council at this summit.


13 February│Opening Summit Panel│9:00–9:40 am


Adopting a Proactive Approach to Reproductive Health: Prevention, early intervention & data driven insight

Panelist: Lisa Haddad

This opening panel focuses on the importance of prevention in the context of reproductive health, exploring how proactive measures and early intervention can mitigate challenges further down the line. Hear from those pioneering the way as they examine innovative approaches and demonstrate how a holistic understanding of reproductive health management can address concerns effectively, both of which contribute towards reduced healthcare costs. Panelists will highlight the importance of investing in data and clinical evidence to support the upstreaming of reproductive care to lead to more effective, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare services, considering who’s responsibility it is to pay for prevention.


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