The Intentional Design guide is a sourcebook that offers step-wise technical guidance for utilizing the Intentional Design approach, an evidence-based model for the design of girl-centered programs that generates a cycle of information collection and analysis, supporting practitioners in:

  • Making thoughtful selections on where to work, using disaggregated, subnational level data and pulling key information from the girls’ “walkable” home communities;
  • Sorting girls into like-situated populations – or segments – for more targeted programming;
  • And planning segment-specific programs including in the methods of recruitment, mentoring structures, meeting venues, and program content identified and used.

The tools outlined in this guide have been applied in sites in 44 countries. Twenty-one detailed field reports—including an extensive discussion of the Abriendo Oportunidades program in Guatemala—set the scene in each context by describing key challenges and problems faced, present how tools were used, and explain the eventual resolutions of the Intentional Design process.