Ridhi Kashyap is Professor of social demography at the University of Oxford and professorial fellow at Nuffield College. At Oxford, she also leads the strand on digital and computational demography within the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science. Her research covers questions linked to mortality and health, gender inequality, marriage and family, and migration, and the implications of digital transformations on demographic and development outcomes.

Beyond these substantive interests, she is also methodologically interested in the applications of new sources of data, such as those generated by the use of the internet and mobile technologies, and computational methods for population research.

Sanyu A. Mojola is Professor of sociology and public affairs, the Maurice P. During Professor of demographic studies, and the Director of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University. She is also an honorary professor at the Medical Research Council/Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit (Agincourt), Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. She received her PhD from the University of Chicago, and was previously on the faculty at the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado Boulder.

Her award-winning mixed methods research examines how societies produce health and illness. She is especially interested in how gender, race/ethnicity, aging and the life course, and socioeconomic status shape health outcomes. Her past and ongoing work primarily focuses on the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it unfolds in various settings such as Kenya, the United States, and South Africa. She has served on the editorial boards of the American Journal of Sociology, the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, and Studies in Family Planning.

Jennifer Van Hook is the Roy C. Buck Professor of sociology and demography at the Pennsylvania State University, and nonresident fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. She served as Director of the Population Research Institute at Penn State from 2011 through 2016, co-editor of Demography from 2016–2019, and the Vice President of the Population Association of America in 2022. She has received external funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Foundation for Child Development, and the Russell Sage Foundation.

Van Hook is a demographer with broad interests in population health, including the socioeconomic and health integration of immigrant families and their children. She has an extensive research record on immigrant families, including extended family living arrangements, family poverty, cohabitation, marriage, and fertility patterns. Her NIH-funded research resulted in several high-profile publications, including the dynamics between short-term migration and the formation of temporary yet complex household living arrangements, and the development and evaluation of methods for imputing immigrants’ legal status, and estimates of the uncertainty of the size of the unauthorized foreign-born population. She is currently engaged in a project on the integration of immigrants and their families that was funded by the Russell Sage Foundation. This project uses linked Census data to track educational attainment of immigrants and their descendants across three family generations from 1940 to the present.