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To Protect Access to Medication Abortion in the United States, Make the Misoprostol-Only Regimen a Reality

The US Food and Drug Administration should authorize and allow pharmacists to prescribe and dispense a misoprostol-only regimen for medication abortion.

Statement on the US Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Restricting access to legal abortion increases unsafe abortions and pregnancy-related deaths.

Bad COVID Public Health Messaging Is Blocking Our Path to a “New Normal”

Critical long-term changes in how the United States disseminates public health information are needed.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations in the United States: Where Are the Data on Race?

Discussing the gaps in COVID-19 hospitalization data on race.

The Gendered and Public Health Consequences of Anti-Asian Racism in America

Insights about the intertwined effects of racism, violence, and health outcomes for Asian women.

Tackling the U.S. Coronavirus Data Catastrophe

US COVID-19 data remain fragmented and incomplete at national, state, and city levels.

Two Hundred Thousand and (Not) Counting

Continued weaknesses in COVID-19 data reporting on key sociodemographic indicators.

One Weak Link and the Whole Thing Falls Apart

Calling for a more structured, uniform, comprehensive approach to collect, report, and analyze COVID-19 data.

We Need a Pro-Poor and Pro-Black Response to COVID-19

Importance of a US national response to COVID-19 that addresses inequalities faced by Black and Latinx communities.

Statement of Solidarity

The Population Council commits to being an active agent of positive change.