Under the component of bolstering accountability on family planning policy and implementation of Council of Common Interests (CCI) decisions through the Gates-funded grant “Maintaining the Momentum of Family Planning Taskforce Recommendations in Pakistan,” the Population Council, in collaboration with its local affiliate Population Center Pakistan (PCP), developed an Integrated Health and Population Dashboard (IHPD). The dashboard was developed for the utilization of routine data by provincial governments to monitor progress on CCI decisions for programs that address the unmet need for contraception at subnational levels.

The dashboard is used to visualize data against a number of key performance indicators from different data sources, including the District Health Information System (DHIS) and Lady Health Worker (LHW)-MIS, and helps to monitor progress over time at the provincial, district, and facility levels. The dashboard is also capable of generating a number of custom reports and data analytics in a few clicks.

Data sources, including DHIS and LHW-MIS, are linked with the dashboard through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the routine data is therefore instantly updated in IHPD as soon as it is available in the source data systems.