Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2023–2030 For 70 years, the Population Council has transformed global thinking on critical health and development issues through our social science, public [...]


Powered by our local leadership and enhanced by our global connections, the Population Council delivers optimal solutions for underserved populations and communities in the [...]


 The Population Council fosters a multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and collaborative culture to promote learning, apply research results, and achieve impact. We thank our partners for [...]


Ensure sexual and reproductive health, rights, and choices The Population Council tackles intersecting inequalities that undermine rights and access to contraception, HIV prevention, [...]

From the President

An equitable and sustainable future for everyone, everywhere The world is confronting multiple social, economic, political, and environmental crises that risk reversing decades of [...]


The Population Council closely monitors our financial status and holds ourselves accountable for maintaining the fiscal discipline necessary to achieve our mission. 2021 Audited [...]

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