An equitable and sustainable future for everyone, everywhere

The world is confronting multiple social, economic, political, and environmental crises that risk reversing decades of development progress. The Population Council is harnessing our expertise to address the urgent problems the world faces and advance the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Our new Strategic Plan accelerates the delivery of our mission by identifying our tangible contributions, today and moving forward.

For 70 years, the Population Council has transformed global thinking on critical health and development issues through our social science, public health, and biomedical research. Now, we are sharpening our focus to advance four global goals through new ideas, rigorous evidence, and innovative solutions. Our 2021-22 Annual Report highlights our multi-disciplinary, life-course approach to sexual and reproductive health, adolescents and young people, gender equality and equity, and climate change. Among our contributions we:

  • Launched the North, West, and Central Africa hub of FP2030 to support contraceptive use in 30 countries;

  • Advanced our male contraceptive product to help make family planning a shared responsibility;

  • Announced our Adolescent Atlas for Action (A3), a suite of tools that provide evidence and insights on adolescents’ lives to inform sound policies and smart investments;

  • Published research and resources on what works to end harmful gender practices such as female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C), and early and forced child marriage; and

  • Documented the links between climate change and negative health outcomes including child malnutrition; stillbirth, pregnancy loss, and infertility; and limited access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

We have also continued to advance our Agenda for Change—our efforts to become an antiracist organization and address wider issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), including shifting our center of gravity and becoming more globally collaborative and inclusive. We have articulated a vision and set of values that align with our Agenda for Change and guide the implementation of our Strategic Plan. Powered by our local leadership and enhanced by our global connections, we will continue to deliver optimal solutions for underserved populations and communities in the more than 30 countries in which we work around the world.

While an Annual Report is reflective of our recent past, I am very much focused on our future. As the Population Council enters its eighth decade, we will continue to catalyze change through pioneering research, innovative products and tools, scientific and policy advice, and the cultivation of future generations of leaders.

Thank you for your commitment to helping us ensure an equitable and sustainable future for everyone, everywhere.

Julia Bunting
Julia Bunting