Brian Medina

Project Coordinator, GIRL Center Regional Hub

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Brian Medina is the Project Coordinator at the GIRL Center’s Latin America and the Caribbean Hub. Medina’s role centers around research support for projects focusing on adolescent girls’ issues. The GIRL Center conducts evidence-based research to inform programs on education, gender, child marriage, and health. Medina manages research citations, assists in report preparation, and conducts literature searches. He also collaborates with the Mesoamerican Country Offices and the core management team, contributing to the operational aspects of the Center. His work aids in the implementation of strategies that align with the Center’s goals in adolescent girls’ research and program development. Medina has expertise in queer theory and transfeminist epistemologies as well.

Medina has a Master’s in Applied Sociology from Northern Arizona University and was a Fulbright Scholar. He also has a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Tourism Management from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. Medina’s academic background informs his approach to research.