Fatou Mbow

Senegal Country Representative

Dakar, Senegal

Fatou Bintou Mbow is the Senegal country representative at the Population Council where she manages the implementation of the country’s adolescence, sexual and reproductive health, and HIV research and program activities. Her technical and administrative support—including maintaining and strengthening relationships with critical stakeholders in Senegal and francophone Africa—ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the Council’s research and policy efforts. Since October 2014, Mbow has served as a program officer and senior researcher at the Population Council office in Dakar. During this period she has worked on projects to address research priorities, including the DFID STEP UP project, the Hewlett Foundation work on policy change to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights, and the USAID-funded Evidence Project study on increasing the role of private pharmacies in the provision of family planning.

Mbow has provided technical assistance in the development, implementation, and evaluation of reproductive health and family planning programs and research—both quantitative and qualitative—with a focus on family planning. More generally, she has provided support for research utilization and innovations for program and policy change to improve reproductive health outcomes in Senegal and beyond within the Ouagadougou Partnership for Francophone Africa. Mbow is also actively involved in the Global Financing Facility process in Senegal, representing the Population Council in this important national platform.

Mbow is trained in sociology with two Master of Science and Technology degrees on social interventions and development from the University of Caen in Normandy, France. She has collaborated with the Council as an independent consultant for many years and worked with key institutions in Senegal in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, and adolescent development.