Jessica DeMulder

Associate Director, Strategic Planning & Operations, Social & Behavioral Science Research

New York, United States

In their role as Associate Director, Jessica DeMulder leads the Strategic Planning & Operations (SP&O) Unit of the Council’s Social and Behavioral Science (SBS) research division and is also the co-lead of the Council’s Humanitarian Task Force (HTF). They lead the advancement and operationalizing of the global research agenda by overseeing SBS research operations and data-driven decision management, developing multi-year fundraising and partnership strategies, and building people development strategies including peer-to-peer mentorship and support in alignment with the Council’s Agenda for Change. DeMulder serves as a thought partner to the Vice President of SBS research and is a member of the SBS research management team.

DeMulder provides research and technical assistance on work that is centered on adolescents and young people, empowerment, and gender equality, including in humanitarian settings. Their primary focus is the global health and well-being of sexual and gender minority populations, including LGBTQIA+ people.

DeMulder holds a Master’s in public health as well as an MA in Human Rights.

Work by Jessica DeMulder