Muhammad Khalil

Director, ICT

Islamabad, Pakistan

Muhammad Khalil is working as the Director of ICT at the Population Council. He oversees the IT department in the Pakistan office, where he is responsible for the smooth functioning of the IT systems, planning and introducing emerging technologies, IT project management, and providing technical support to the Council’s staff in Pakistan. Khalil is also working closely with IT in New York to collaborate on various IT initiatives, and he is a member of the Data Core team as well as Country Ambassadors, a new alliance created as part of the Council’s organizational health initiative on Knowledge Management.

In addition to IT, Khalil is also involved in programmatic activities, leading GIS mapping projects, the development of a mobile app to introduce vouchers in Pakistan, and the development of a Health and Population Dashboard (IHPD) for the government to visualize trends over time and monitor progress on a variety of key performance indicators. He also plays an active role in climate change studies, working on data management, and performing extensive spatial analysis.Khalil joined the Council in 2001 as a Senior Communication Officer, and prior to the Council, he worked with the Pakistani NGO Association for Social Development as an Executive IT and with APPNA SEHAT in Islamabad as an Assistant System Manager.

Khalil has completed an MSc and BSc in computer science as well as a number of technical courses and certifications.