Girls' Education

Where was Gender at CIES 2023?

The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), held in Washington D.C. from February 18–22, welcomed a great showing of education [...]

Prioritizing Education to Invest in Girls

In celebration of the International Day of Education, we highlight some ongoing education programs and studies by the Population Council and its collaborators, to be [...]

Adolescent Girls Initiative-Kenya

Adolescent girls in Kenya who are marginalized face considerable risks and vulnerabilities that affect their educational status, health, and general well-being. They are at [...]

Biruh Tesfa (“Bright Future”)

Few programs in Africa have sought to address social exclusion, lack of educational opportunities, and sexual exploitation and violence among the most marginalized girls [...]

Evaluating the Nia Project

For many adolescent girls around the world, puberty is a vulnerable time when girls face various pressures and challenges—including sexual harassment, abuse, early marriage, [...]

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