International Maternal Newborn Health Conference 2023

May 8–11, 2023

Cape Town, South Africa

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In 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa, more than 1,000 stakeholders from around the world will come together to accelerate solutions to improve maternal and newborn survival and prevent stillbirths in a coordinated and inclusive manner.


Charlotte E. Warren, Program Committee Member

Sessions & Speakers

  1. Monday 05/08

      Satellite Session | 9:00 am–12:30 pm | Room: Orchid/Freesia/Daisy

      Session Title—Working Together for Impact on Respectful Maternal and Newborn Care


      Speakers: Tamar Kabakian-Khasholian, Kwame Adu-Bonsaffoh, Melanie Wendland (moderator), Özge Tunçalp, and Charlotte E. Warren

    • Tuesday 05/09

        Oral Session | 11:00 am–12:15 pm | Room: 2.41-2.43

        “Individual and facility-level factors that affect quality of care: Self-reported provision of respectful care among providers in Malawi”


        Authors: Charlotte E. Warren (presenter), Brady Zieman, Abigail Kazembe, and Martha Kamanga


        Session Title—Driving More Respectful Care in Intrapartum Settings


          Oral Session | 1:15–2:30 pm | Room: 1.41-1.42

          “Is delivery conducted in private health facilities and through caesarean section associated with higher neonatal mortality? Evidence from north Indian states”


          Author and presenter: Abhishek Kumar


          Session Title—Patient Safety in Maternal and Newborn Health: Time to Deliver

            Pre-Formed Panel | 1:15–2:15 pm | Room: Protea

            “Effect of collaborative quality improvement on stillbirths, neonatal mortality, and newborn care practices in hospitals of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India: Evidence from a quasi-experimental mixed-methods study”


            Authors: Karen Zamboni (presenter), Lenka Benova, Claudia Hanson, Zelee Hill, Samiksha Singh, and Joanna Schellenberg


            Session Title—Can We Address the Complexity of Childbirth and Newborn Care with Multi-component and Complex Interventions? Experience from the ALERT, Quali-Dec, and SCSL Projects from Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Asia

          • Wednesday 05/10

              Pre-Formed Panel | 11:50 am–1:05 pm | Room: 2.61-2.63

              “Improving experience of care for newborns and their parents: Empathy and compassion for both parents and health care providers in Kenya”


              Authors: Chantalle Okondo (presenter), Charity Ndwiga, Timothy Abuya, Pooja Sripad, and Charlotte E. Warren


              Session Title—The Power of Compassion in Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH) Service Delivery

            • Thursday 05/11

                Oral Poster | 9:10–10:25 am | Room: 2.64-2.66

                “Provider communication and coaching for parents of hospitalized newborns and sick young infants in Kenya: Provider and caregiver perspectives”


                Authors: Chantalle Okondo (presenter), Charity Ndwiga, Timothy Abuya, Pooja Sripad, and Charlotte E. Warren


                Session Title—Supporting Optimal Nutrition for Small and Sick Newborns

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