In a newly published commentary in Global Public Health titled “Men and COVID-19: Adding a gender lens,” Council researchers Julie Pulerwitz and Ann Gottert, along with colleagues from Jhpiego, the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, highlight the unique challenges of the pandemic on men and the potential of strategies in engaging them to address COVID-19-related threats to women’s health and wellbeing.

Citing lessons learned from the HIV/AIDS field, the authors support increased information-gathering on biological and social differences between the sexes that could contribute to an inequitable impact of COVID-19.  They also highlight best practices including recognizing men’s diversity and distinct needs, not discounting the barriers men face in accessing services, and ensuring that we don’t engage men at the expense of women.

“The global health community has tools to engage men and promote healthy masculinities, drawing on two decades of programs and research. A strategic focus on gender in the COVID-19 response will be critical for mitigating the impacts of the pandemic, as well as for ensuring uptake of future treatments and vaccines.”

Read the full piece in Global Public Health.