|National Public Radio

Population Council Innovates to Empower Girls, Reduce Child Marriage in Ethiopia

A feature on NPR’s Goats & Soda health and development blog explores “how chickens and goats are helping to stop child marriage” in East Africa, focusing on Population Council’s years of research on the effectiveness of various interventions to empower girls and delay child marriages.

Population Council Advances Non-Antiretroviral Multipurpose Prevention Technology For HIV and STI Prevention to Clinical Trial

First in-human clinical trial of griffithsin, a naturally occurring anti-HIV protein, which limits risk of cross-resistance to antiretroviral (ARV) products.

Population Council Awarded Breakthrough-RESEARCH Project by USAID

The project aims to improve healthy behaviors and norms across key global health areas.

|The Guardian

Julia Bunting Speaks About Demographic Dividend and the Power of Family Planning

A new podcast at The Guardian looks at the importance of the growing population of young people and how family planning can affect economic development.

New GIRL Center to Shape Research and Investments on What Works to Improve Girls’ Lives

The Council launches the Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center.

|The Guardian

Addressing Stigma and Affordability Issues around Menstrual Health in Kenya

A feature in The Guardian spotlights Population Council’s research through the Nia Project, which assessed how providing menstrual health products and reproductive health education affects girls’ education and health in Kenya.

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