First Trial Launches to Test Effectiveness of Male Contraceptive Gel

NES/T is a novel, reversible contraceptive for men designed to be absorbed through the skin.

FDA Approves the First One-Year Contraceptive Fully under a Woman’s Control

FDA approval marks an important step toward expanding contraceptive options for women.

Population Council Announces New License Agreement

New agreement will make the Council's one-year vaginal system for contraception available to women in the US.

First Multipurpose Gel Designed to Prevent HIV, HSV, and HPV Simultaneously in Women and Men Advances in Clinical Trials

If proven effective, PC-1005 gel would be the first product to prevent three incurable STIs—HIV, HSV, and HPV.

|BBC News Mundo

The Impacts of Child Marriage in Latin America

The BBC reports on the scope and effects of pervasive child marriage across Latin America, spotlighting the potential of the Council’s Abriendo Oportunidades program in rural Guatemala to empower girls.

Promising New Methods of Male Birth Control, including Population Council’s Gel

Several promising male contraceptive products are currently making their way through clinical trials, Vox writes, including Nestorone®/Testosterone transdermal gel, a new topical gel that blocks sperm production.

New UNESCO Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guidelines Focus on Gender and Human Rights

Devex reports on the recent revisions to the technical guidance on sexuality education from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), including commentary from Population Council expert Nicole Haberland.

|Christian Science Monitor

In Push to End Child Marriage in Guatemala, Young Women are on the Front Line

A new feature at the Christian Science Monitor explores how young women are leading the effort to end child marriage in Guatemala, highlighting the Population Council's Abriendo Oportunidades project.

New Male Contraceptive Gel Advances to Clinical Trials

A new male contraceptive option “may be on the horizon,” TIME writes of the Council’s combination Nestorone® and Testosterone gel in development.

|MIT Technology Review

Population Council and NIHCD Advance Male Contraceptive Gel to Trial

MIT Technology Review reports on the new male hormonal contraceptive gel developed by the Population Council in collaboration with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) advancing to Phase II clinical trials.

|National Public Radio

Population Council Innovates to Empower Girls, Reduce Child Marriage in Ethiopia

A feature on NPR’s Goats & Soda health and development blog explores “how chickens and goats are helping to stop child marriage” in East Africa, focusing on Population Council’s years of research on the effectiveness of various interventions to empower girls and delay child marriages.

Population Council Advances Non-Antiretroviral Multipurpose Prevention Technology For HIV and STI Prevention to Clinical Trial

First in-human clinical trial of griffithsin, a naturally occurring anti-HIV protein, which limits risk of cross-resistance to antiretroviral (ARV) products.

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