February 20, 2024
Media contact: Joe Shaffner, Director of Communications, The Population Council,

New York City, NY – The Population Council, a global public health research nongovernmental organization (NGO) announced today that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Exeltis, a division of the integrated health sciences group Insud Pharma, to develop a non-hormonal multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) intravaginal ring (IVR) to provide both contraception and protection against a broad range of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“We are looking forward to our collaboration with Exeltis and what it will do for advancing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health choices for women seeking pregnancy prevention and protection against STIs,” said Patricia Vaughan, Population Council Interim Co-President and General Counsel. “The Council brings decades of expertise in developing reproductive health products that meet the needs of diverse populations who use contraceptives. Partnering with Exeltis, a women’s health company with a presence in more than 40 countries, will accelerate the ability for this innovative product to reach more people globally.”

By utilizing a combination of active agents, the intravaginal ring will offer women a non-hormonal option to simultaneously prevent pregnancy and multiple STIs. Initial preclinical research shows promising findings on the contraceptive and antimicrobial efficacy and supports continued development toward clinical evaluation.

“Exeltis is excited to partner with the Population Council as part of our dedication to serving women,” said Lucas Sigman, Insud Pharma CEO. “This groundbreaking addition of a non-hormonal contraceptive option to our pipeline supports a robust future, offering diverse options to meet the medical needs of women worldwide.”

Under this agreement, Exeltis will award the Population Council with funding over four years to conduct the formulation and preclinical studies necessary for an Investigational New Drug (IND) application. Exeltis will gain rights to continue to advance the product’s development and will own its global commercial rights.

“This partnership will allow us to develop an innovative and effective non-hormonal contraceptive with protection against STIs that prioritizes the desires of end-users. Studies show that women want multipurpose products for sexual and reproductive health and existing hormonal options do not meet the needs of everyone,” said Lisa Haddad, CBR Medical Director and Project Lead. “Under this new agreement, we are thrilled to build on a foundation of existing research underway, in collaboration with Queens University Belfast and Cornell University and funded through a grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health, part of the US National Institutes of Health.”


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About Exeltis

Exeltis is a fast-growing division of the integrated health sciences group Insud Pharma. It boasts a leadership position in the Women’s Health segment and is constantly innovating and seeking new treatments and devices to improve women’s health and wellbeing around the world. With a global footprint spanning over 40 countries, Exeltis has a team of more than 4,000 professionals supported by a global manufacturing network. Exeltis’ overarching goal is to support and care for women throughout every stage of life. It offers an extensive portfolio of products to respond to women’s needs in the areas of fertility, reproductive health, contraception, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. In recent years, Exeltis has also diversified into Central Nervous System (CNS), Ophthalmology and Endocrinology. Learn more: