The Game of Choice, Not Chance (GOC) is a Direct to Consumer (DTC) educational mobile game.

The GOC provides young women with a safe space for exploration, discovery, and learning through interactive role-play in the virtual world. Available as a free app, the game allows young women to increase their knowledge base of family planning and reproductive health care, menstrual hygiene, and fertility, and facilitates better decision-making.

This innovative virtual pathway for girls to explore and navigate life choices in a safe space, learn new things, experience simulated outcomes of their choices, and connect the dots is based on underlying theoretical frameworks, including game-based learning, social learning theory, motivational theory of role-modeling, and direct-to-consumer approaches.

The Population Council works closely with the Howard Delafield International outcome evaluation team to implement and evaluate the GOC program. GOC aims to:

  • Improve knowledge about family planning and reproductive health care, including menstruation, menstrual hygiene, fertility period, and menstrual management products. 
  • Improve attitudes, confidence, decisionmaking, support, self-care, knowledge about consensual sex and contraceptive use
  • Improve assertion of self-identity
  • Provide resources and technical assistance to increase sustainability and scale 
  • Generate knowledge on how direct-to-consumer, digital game-based learning can advance and support family planning and reproductive health awareness among adolescent girls