Sharon Nashipae

Coordinator, GIRL Center

Nairobi, Kenya

Sharon Nashipae is the GIRL Center Coordinator and is based in the Nairobi, Kenya office. As part of the Center’s core management and operations team, she collaborates closely with the GIRL Center Director; Associate Director–Policy, Partnerships, and Engagement; and Manager, providing essential administrative support to the Center’s teams across multiple regions and countries. Nashipae’s role encompasses supporting the Center’s communications, translating reports and publications into briefs targeting non-research audiences and providing research support across a portfolio of projects that focus on topics relating to adolescence. With extensive background in communications and operations, and a passion for young people, Nashipae uses her skills to enhance the Council’s efforts to address critical issues impacting adolescents globally.

Nashipae holds a B.A in Communications from Daystar University, Kenya.