The Center for Biomedical Research (CBR) is a cornerstone of the Population Council’s comprehensive investment in research and development for health, well-being, and choice.

CBR develops biomedical innovations that expand options and improves sexual and reproductive health worldwide. Scientists work on a rich pipeline of safe and effective products that meet people’s needs throughout different stages of their lives.


  • Product formulation: Developing promising drugs or combinations of drugs and novel drug delivery systems.
  • Preclinical and clinical testing: Establishing safety and efficacy of products.
  • Expertise in regulatory and health systems management, product introduction, and social marketing.
  • Unique model that includes research, co-development, manufacturing, clinical trials, and material transfer agreements.


  • Seven FDA-approved products and numerous patents.
  • Hundreds of publications in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Partnerships with universities, government institutions, other nonprofit research organizations, service delivery organizations, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture and conduct clinical trial testing. CBR does not market any of our products, instead relying on partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to market and distribute our products which include provisions for public sector pricing. Our focus is on long-term partnerships where mutual commitments to products can be realized.